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Lettia Baby Pad & Ruespari Belt Bundle

Lettia Baby Pad & Ruespari Belt Bundle
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Baby Pad-Same great benefits you find in the regular Lettia Baby Pads. Shaped to fit, there is no tugging or pulling necessary. Lightweight and breathable , it's the perfect pad to keep your washing chores to a minimum. Top it off with an embroidered  Logo in Devon blue.


Belt-Woman's S/M (24-28)

Custom designed and Handcrafted on Philadelphia's Main Line, these belts are an exclusive for Devon. The classic design and elasticity allow freer movement on and off of your horse and comfort throughout the day. Made with the finest quality elastic, and embroidered with the Devon hackney, this belt is loved by all but is a must have for all equestrians!  Be Flexible!

*2 inch width